Meet Living Mwakibinga


Living Mwakibinga will join the other Together for Tanzania leaders this month on the nearly 8,000-mile visit to Powhatan. He looks forward to sharing his personal experiences and how he provides for his community as a result. Through work with his church in Kylea, Tanzania, Living is often perceived as a pastor. This dedication and care he exhibits is why he is a true leader for our organization.

As with many in Tanzania, Living was born into a poor family with many siblings. Much of the population suffers from malnutrition and poor living conditions. This often leads to premature death and unfortunately, only four of Living’s siblings are alive today. 

Obtaining a secondary education is difficult in Tanzania due to the expense of school fees and uniforms. Living faced these and many other challenges as he navigated through his educational journey. He made numerous attempts to attend class despite his lack of money, but he was chased away by the teachers for his inability to pay. On occasion, he was not able to take the required annual exams he needed to advance.


With the help of TFT, Living was able to complete the Form Four exam, receive his diploma, and obtain his bachelor’s degree where he received his teaching certificate. Today, he is studying for his Masters in School Administration. It’s only natural for him to continue to give back to the education that gave him so much.


With his education, Living is able to provide for his family. He and his wife Mary have three boys and one girl - Jovine (11), Josiah (6), Jeroline (4), and Jessica (1). 


Thanks to Together for Tanzania, Living has overcome the challenge of receiving an education, and today he is recognized as an educated man in his family, his tribe and his country.


“Not only has education benefitted me, but now I have the opportunity to help others. I have been inspired to care for orphans and others from difficult environments. Some I provide housing for and for others I am a mentor to encourage them to go to school. I know where I came from and I know the benefits I have received from an education.” - Living Mwakibinga