This is Mama Baraka who is facing surgery for breast cancer.

Baraka, Mama Baraka and Meshack invited us into their one-room home in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Moshi.

These are typical one-room homes that you will see in many areas of Tanzania 

Cooking is done in a common area, usually on the ground.

Roads are very rough and travel can be dangerous even when walking 

Mama Baraka's Story

Meet Baraka, age 9, and Meshack, age 7, two little boys whose education TFT has sponsored for several years. They are very bright, always happy and quite talented.

Their mother, Mama Baraka is EXTREMELY poor. and has had a very difficult life in Moshi.

The entire family of three lives in a one-room home no larger than 8' X 10' and has space only for two beds, one for her and one for the two boys. The neighborhood is well known as the poorest in all the Moshi area.  

We know these children, we know this family. They have welcomed us into their home. They attend Pastor Frank's church. 

While visiting them at home during our 2017 mission trip, we learned that Mama Baraka has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Imagine a life so oppressively poor to begin with and being diagnosed with breast cancer with no resources to pay for medical treatments. Also think about how limited the medical facilities are in Moshi where Mama Baraka lives.

The week that our mission team returned home, a message from Pastor Frank let us know that a terrible accident had occurred.


Mama Baraka and Meshack had been hit by a motorcycle. The roads around Moshi are in rough condition by any standards and motorcycles can be a danger to those walking on the roads.

Pastor Frank took them to the local hospital but there was no x-ray machine there. He took them to a private hospital for the necessary basic treatment. Pastor Frank's church is being paid back by the driver of the motorcycle who hit Mama Baraka and Meschak.

They have recovered but Mama Baraka is still facing surgery.

We are asking for donations to help with medical treatments and for Mama Baraka's cancer treatments. Click the link below and go to our donations page.

Motorcycles can be a danger to people walking on the roads. Mama Baraka and 7 year old Meshack were injured in early August 2017 when struck by a motorcycle.