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Whether you would like to help a student continue to higher levels of education OR help a student begin an education, you can help educate these future leaders, teachers, doctors and engineers!

Choose a gift that reflects GOD's LOVE

So little does so much.

$300 - $600 funds the primary/secondary government school education of a child for one year.

$700 - $1200 funds private school education for one year.

$1600 - $3000 funds college or university education for one year.


Choose a gift that FIGHTS POVERTY

Change lives in a tangible way. 
Your donation goes directly to the education of your student. Receive a picture and letter with details about the life of your student. Enjoy opportunities to write and correspond, as well as annual updates, straight from our TFT Team!

Violeth Said

As an orphan, Violeth has had many personal and educational challenges, but she has remained strong in her faith and her commitment to her education.


In November 2021, she will graduate Dar Institute of Transport, where she has studied procurement and logistical management.


Violeth is just one of TFT's success stories - thanks to her sponsorships.

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Being educated is one of the most transforming opportunities for a poor child or young adult in Tanzania.

Payments for sponsorship may be made annually, twice a year or monthly. You will have the opportunity to communicate with your student. See pics of students reading letters from their sponsors. Letters

Sponsor the education of one of these futures leaders, teachers or doctors and make their dreams realities.

Angel Diwani.jpg

Angel is an orphan. She is in Form 3 in Jifunzeni Secondary School.


Sponsor Angel's education for $1300 per year or $108 per month.


Afisa is an albino orphan living with his elderly grandfather. Afisa is now in Kyela Polytechnic College. His annual fee is $950.


Sponsor Alfisa's education for $950 per year or $80 per month.

Costa Israel M.JPG

Costa is the son of a poor widow. Costa is in Form 2 in Kipoke Secondary School. 

Sponsor Costa's education for $930 per year or $76 per month.

Naomi Laizer 2019.jpg

Naomi is the daughter of a Maasai widowed mother.  Naomi is in Accounting Institute in Arusha. She is in need of sponsorship to continue her education in college.


Sponsor Naomi's education for $2,600 per year or $217 per month.

Beauty in school uniform cropped.jpg
Joan "Beauty"

Beauty is in grade 3 in Shalom Primary School in Dar es Salaam. Beauty is the daughter of Pastor Peter Undole and his wife Upendo.


Sponsor Beauty's education for $1450

per year or $121 per month.

Rebecca Osambi.jpg

Rebecca is in grade 2 at New Vision School in Arusha. Her father has been without work since the beginning of COVID. 

Sponsor Rebecca's education for $800 per year or $67 per month.

Editha Avit.jpg

Editha attends Bumble Clinical Medical Training College in Tanga. She hopes to become a doctor.

Sponsor Editha's education for $2800

per year or $234 per month.


Ekinala attends the Institute of Accounting in the Tabora Region. 


Sponsor Ekinala's education for $1700 per year or $142 per month.

Mathayo Kirasian.jpg

Mathayo, the son of a maasai widow, is in  grade 3 at Olmotonyi Primary School.

Sponsor Mathayo's education for $350 per year or $30 per month.

Blessing cropped.jpg

Blessing is in Form 3 at Solace Girls School in Mbeya.


Sponsor Blessing's education for $700

per year or $58 per month.

Oscar Mrema.jpg

Oscar is the son of a very poor widow. He is in grade 5 at St. Patrick's English Medium School in Moshi. 


Sponsor Oscar's education for $650

per year or $55 per month.

Evaline Lazier cropped.jpg

Eveline is in first year at Tumaini University studying law.


Sponsor Eveline's education for $3116

per year or $260 per month.

Namayana Runda cropped.jpg

Namayana's parents have lost their jobs because of the difficult economy in Tanzania. Namayana is in grade 1 at New Vision School in Arusha.


Sponsor Namayana's education for $736

per year or $61 per month.