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TFT COVID-19 Relief Campaign

TFT Covid Relief

Prayers and support needed for Tanzania!


The Coronavirus lockdowns are causing a devastating food crisis. Many Tanzanians only get to have one meal a day, porridge made of flower and water. The TFT Corona Relief campaign was a huge success.

We were able to collect over $5,000, with which our leaders were able to buy a bag of rice or maize, cooking oil, sometimes even beans, some sugar and soap. 

Your support made a crucial difference in the lives of our TFT children and their community.


Our missional work, as is every aspect of our work in TZ, is an ongoing ministry in addition to our annual mission trips. We are in daily communication with our TZ leaders whom we consider our family and our hands and feet on the ground. We work together to be God's instruments for His purposes in Tanzania.


These pictures highlight some of our activities and relationships in various areas of Tanzania. See more by clicking Learn More above.

Julius Lock, one of our orphaned students, receives a large bag of rice to assist his guardian family, and a solar lantern which will enable him to study at night.


TFT student, Gloria George, recently received a handicap bike purchased through donations to TFT.


Potter's Ministry was founded by Pastor Peter Undole in the center of a muslim community in Dar es Salaam. As a part of his ministry, Peter also posts many of his messages on YouTube and leads revivals in other areas, as well as in Dar. 

The 2017 TFT Mission Team presents the story of Noah at the Sunday service of Kilimanjaro Baptist Church.

Throughout the 2017 and 2019 mission trips, the TFT team distributed large bags of maize and rice to families our mission serves. These bags will feed each family for several months. Your donations make this gift possible.


Ilema Community Church in Mbeya is another partner church of TFT. It is a start up church located in the center of a very poor area in Mbeya.


Through donations, TFT funded the tank for the well at Mount Mbeya Medical College. 

Dedication of well completed with funds from TFT. Another well, in memory of Jimmy Timberlake, was also completed and celebrated by an entire community. TFT funded the completion of a deep well in Longido and the one at Save Life English Medium School. TFT partners with Safe Water for Life and Dignity, which digs wells in remote areas of TZ.

telling parabel of the sower_edited.jpg

Brenda teaches story of the Parable of the Seed to children at Olmotonyi Baptist Church.

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