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Mission Trips 2014/2016/2018

On stage at Powhatan Community Church (PCC)

Pastor Dickson Mwankanda, Pastor Peter Undole, Dr. Whitson Mwaipola, Pastor Frank Mganga

Frank shares his testimony and stories with Powahtan Woman's Club

Our missional outreach includes partnerships with Tanzanian churches to spread the Word, repair churches and support programs for orphans, widows, schools, and health education.


In 2014, 2016 and 2018 we had a "reverse" mission trip in which four of our leading Tanzanian contacts came to Powhatan, Virginia for the month of September. On an average of two main events per day, they spoke to organizations, participated in meetings, taught, visited various schools, assisted with other mission group activities, and participated in church services.

at Powhatan Chamber meeting copy.jpeg

Living, Nyangusi, Lupi and Lekipa with Pastor Mark Divens at Second Antioch Baptist Church

at Pow. High school copy.jpeg

Living, Lekipa, Nyangusi and Lupi tour Powhatan High School and gave presentations to students


Our mission teams worshipped at Second Antioch Baptist Church, partner church of TFT.


Great questions were asked by the children at Powhatan Elementary School to our TFT mission team in September 2018.


In 2016, Pastors Frank and Lupi spoke to an adult Sunday School class at Third Church, a missions partner of TFT.

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In 2016, Pastors Frank and Lupi spoke to teenagers at Church Hill Academy.

In 2014, the mission team participated in a fashion show with FCCLA group at Powhatan High School to raise money for the local food bank. FCCLA is a missions partner of TFT. 

In 2014, our men spent a day with the CHAT students in Churchill. A wonderful exchange of stories and cultures.

Frank, Peter, Dickson and Whitson lead a Bible study at PCC, a missions partner of TFT.

The 2014 mission team prepares with Pastor Brian Hughes for the church service at PCC

In 2014, Pastor Peter Undole shares cultural and personal experiences with the member of The Rotary Club of Powhatan.

Peter speaks to the Powhatan Rotary Club

In 2014, the mission team greets people at PCC, following the worship service in which the team participated.

A gathering in between services at PCC

Dr. Whitson Mwaipola shares information about the UHAI Medical Center in Mbeya and the UHAI Clinic in Makwale.

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