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Beginning its ministry in Tanzania in late 2008, Together for Tanzania became a non-profit organization in January 2010 and received 501(c)(3) status in spring of 2010. But the seed of this organization was planted in 1956 when God called Jeanette Baker (Brannan) to be a missionary in Africa.

At age 14, Jeanette took the call seriously and remained obedient to that call through the first part of her senior year in high school., marriage, family, divorce and remarriage.

Through the peaks and valleys of her life choices and walk with the Lord, Jeanette always felt the tug of that call to Africa. At age 64, Jeanette was given a second chance. A mission trip to Tanzania in 2008 changed her life and eventually changed the lives of many children and adults in Tanzania. Upon her return from that first trip, Jeanette realized that God had other plans besides an annual trip to Tanzania. Putting just the right people before her and opening up doors never imagined, God led Jeanette and her husband Mel to form an organization that would provide educational, medical and missional support to thousands of children and adults in Tanzania.

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