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Help us build SAVE LIFE ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL and impact the lives of potentially thousands of children, who otherwise might not be able to go to school at all.

Donate a desk $50

Donate a window $100

Donate roof tiles $100

Donate plaster $200

Donate electricity $300

Donate a wall $500

Donate a roof $1000

Donate a classroom $15,000


SAVE LIFE English Medium School students in a rented classroom



of Administration Building

Save Life English Medium School began as the vision of Pastor Lupi Mwaipalo for the many orphans and other vulnerable children who were too poor to be able to attend the local government school. His vision grew from the pictured 30 preschoolers who met in Lupi's front yard to a group of 55 students being taught by two volunteer teachers. The group moved from his front yard to two rented rooms near Lupi's church. English is the primary language of instruction, and the students' academic progress far exceeds that of their peers in most government schools.

At the end of 2016, through donations to TFT, eight acres of land in the Kyela District in southern Tanzania were purchased for the construction of Save Life English Medium School, which eventually will provide preschool through standard 7.

We are excited to report that as of August 2019, the administration building has been completed. The next phase is raising money for the classrooms.

Meanwhile, the preschool children will be taught in rooms inside the administration building. 

This school will offer hope for a brighter future through a dynamic learning environment of exceptional academics as well as a safe, supportive community for spiritual development.

The school will be a non-denominational institution dedicated to educating children whose families cannot afford to send them to school but also to accept students whose families can afford the fees. 

In addition to revenue from donations, Pastor Lupi has already planted trees for harvest in several years, crops to feed the children and crops to serve as cash crops. Students will learn micro business skills as they help with the planting and selling of crops. 


Thank you for your continued support! 

The children are so thankful.


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