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Mission Trip


The Together for Tanzania Mission Team traveled to each of the mission communities to visit church, school and mission partners as well as students you sponsor. We gave Swahili Bibles to students with a personal written message from TFT founder Jeanette Brannan.

We visited Lupi's preschool students, the start of Save Life English Medium School, and many other sites while on our 2017 Mission Trip. 

The Together for Tanzania 2017 Mission Trip was an incredible experience. The team traveled to mission sites all around eastern Tanzania with TFT leaders who provide year-round stewardship for all of the programs and projects your donations support. The team also had joyful reunions with sponsored students.

Our Together for Tanzania mission team accomplished a major goal by purchasing land for Kilimanjaro Baptist Church.  


In each region the TFT mission team spent time with all of the TFT students and their families. Together For Tanzania is unique in that our mission develops deep ties with the families of our students, sponsoring their future through education from the earliest ages and supporting them until they graduate to higher levels.  Several of the TFT leaders are former students who are now inspiring and helping others through the TFT mission.


This unique long term commitment makes it imperative that Together For Tanzania continues to encourage and assure the students that we will remain supportive of their academic sponsorships as they get older and as each level of school also becomes progressively more costly in both government and private schools.

As the TFT Mission team traveled throughout the areas of our ministries from the very North to the very South, we visited many schools attended by our students, met with leadership, teachers and visited classes to see first hand the education and hope your donations provide.  

We distributed solar lamps to 50 of our students so they can study after dark since most families we serve have no electricity in their homes. Many of these lamps have been funded by students' individual sponsors and others supportive of our ministry with the students.

Your generous donations have allowed us also to give Swahili Bibles to our students who have not received one in the past. 


The TFT Mission team also distributed bags of rice to our most needy students and their families in the southern areas and bags of maize flour to those in the northern areas.

Our mission team brought suitcases filled with clothes for all of our students - donations from people in the Powhatan and Richmond areas. Several individual gifts from sponsors to students were delivered by the mission team, and there were joyful reunions between mission team members, families and students in every region.


In spreading the Word, our TFT team members gave sermons in three of TFT's seven partner churches and worshipped with students and their families.

Our mission team also presented to our youngest students a very clever and artistic teaching of the story of Noah with music by the team members. 

We visited the site of land purchased at the end of 2016 for the purpose of building an English Medium School, called Save Life English Medium School. That school will target the most disadvantaged and will be a beacon of light for spiritual development as well as academic excellence. 

These pictures highlight some of the 2017 Mission Trip.

David and Dot Samuel presented a solar lamp for their sponsored student Nisile.

Our mission team distributed rice and maize flour to the most needy families including orphan students and those with widowed mothers while in Tanzania this year.

The Together for Tanzania Mission Team met with students, families and partners throughout the many areas your donations help us serve.

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