Meet Lupi Mwaipalo

Pastor | Leader

Lupi is excited to return to Virginia for his second visit. This year, he’ll be joined by three additional Together for Tanzania leaders. TFT leaders care for and mentor students currently receiving sponsorship educations through the organization. While in Virginia, the four leaders will be sharing their culture and how impactful TFT has been on the people of Tanzania.

Lupi’s own educational journey began in 1986 when he was ten years old and in 1992, he began attending secondary school. At just 14, Lupi lost both of his parents and was taken in at a Roman Catholic youth center. There he received the care he needed and completed his secondary education.


In 1998, Lupi joined the Baptist Seminary of Eastern Africa and received his Diploma of Theology in 2002. After receiving his theology degree, he began pastoring at Ebenezer Baptist Church. In 2008, Lupi attended Mount Meru University in Arusha and graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Christian Education degree. A generous American donor sponsored Lupi and helped him achieve his goals.


Lupi is currently the senior pastor of Lubele Baptist Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church and a teacher at a local Baptist college. Lupi’s wife’s name is Tumaini and they have two children, Evelyn (age 12) and Charles (age 5). In addition to their own children, Lupi and his wife care for seven other children, all orphaned. Lupi explains, “My house is a children’s home where needy children are welcomed to live.” He depends on agriculture to feed his family and grows rice, beans, maize, bananas, and vegetables. Lupi’s income crops are cassava and cocoa. He also owns three goats, one milk cow, two oxen, and chickens.


Lupi recounts when he received his calling from God:

“God called me while I was in secondary school to serve Him and teach fellow students the Word of God. I was ordained as pastor in 2002. The same year God started showing me a vision of starting a school to help orphans and the needy in getting their education.”


“This passion for helping others was highly influenced by my own experience and the caring I got as an orphan in the Catholic center. Because of this influence, I started in my front yard a pre-school of 30 local children too poor to pay school fees. These children continue to be taught by volunteer certified teachers.”

For years, Lupi envisioned building a school to help the poorest children get an education. His front yard class of pre-schoolers inspired him to initiate plans for the founding of the Save Life English School.

“I thank God that with Together for Tanzania’s partnership, land for the school was purchased in 2017, a well is being drilled, and construction of Save Life English Medium School should begin in the fall of 2018.”