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Mission Trip


Picture of expansion construction at Kyela Town Baptist Church. TFT partners with Kyela Town Baptist in funding.

Olmontonyi Baptist Church singers and students greet the 2013 Mission Team with song and movement.

From providing rice and maize to families in need, to setting up water filters to provide clean water to churches and remote villages, we seek to open doors and create opportunity for the most needy. Donate now to help us meet these needs.


These pictures highlight some of the missional activities during the August 13 mission trip.

Jeanette Brannan, TFT Founder and Executive Director and 2013 Mission Team Member, presents maize to a student family at Olmontonyi Baptist Church..

David demonstrates and sets up a Sawyer water filter for Augustino (not pictured), a pastor who partners with TFT.

David gives his testimony at Pastor Steven's church (not pictured). Living Mwakibinga, another TFT partner, translates.

David Samuel, 2013 Mission Team Member, gives his testimony to the students at Knapp's Orphanage in Makwale.

The 2013 Mission Team pictured with Olmontonyi Baptist Church leaders and sponsored Olmontonyi students.

Jeanette Brannan gives the message at a Sunday service at Iponjola Baptist Church while Lupi Mwaipalo translates. Iponjola is currently building a new facility, so this service was held just outside of the new construction. 

David Samuel and Lindsay Harris, from the 2013 Mission team, setup a Sawyer water filter at a village in Morogoro. Nova Mugendi, from SWLD (second from left), translates. 

Several members of the 2013 Mission Team and two sponsored TFT students sing together at Msaranga Bible Church. Pictured left to right: Gail Timberlake, David Samuel, Lindsay Harris, Naomi Evarist, Dot Samuel, and Witness Avit.

The 2013 Mission Team pictured with children from a nearby village after visiting their well. The well was funded by TFT through our parnter Safe Water for Life & Dignity.

The 2013 Mission Team sings with students in the SUMA school chapel in Longido. 

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